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ATV Destroyer - Free Flash Game Review

Free browser-based games are always fun to fill the gaps between tasks at home, or to wind down after work. ATV Destroyer is a free flash game that runs in your browser, and is available on a number of free gaming sites.

Unlike many other free games, that offer role-playing elements, or are MMO's, ATV Destroyer is a simple ATV game, that allows you to upgrade your vehicle, and unlock new tracks as you progress through levels. There is no social-networking aspect to the game, so you don't need to 'invite friends', or spam people's Facebook Wall with game-related requests and updates. This makes ATV Destroyer a wonderfully simple, fun game to play.

The game concept is fairly basic: all you need to do, is get from the starting point to the finish line, using a nifty All-Terrain Vehicle. The controls are easy to understand and master: arrow keys control acceleration, braking, and weight-shifting. Spacebar activates your jump ability. The game is a side scrolling platform game, so you see a side-view of your ATV. The obstacle course consists of various platforms, tunnels and raised areas of ground.

The word 'Destroyer' in the game's title, refers to the near-invulnerability of your ATV. There are numerous interactive objects, such as cars, propane tanks, wreckage, which can all be crushed and destroyed. You need to use you speed and momentum to ramp over obstacles, clear gaps and land on cars to cause explosions. The quicker you finish a level, and the more destruction you cause, the higher your score is.

What skill is required to play this game? Well, it depends on your comfort level. Each course has multiple routes you can follow to get to the finish line, so you can make it as difficult as you feel like. The skill comes into play by controlling your weight bias, and from timing your jumps. If you jump at the right time on steep ramps, you can extend your jump height to grab more bonus items, or clear bigger gaps. Balancing your rider helps conserve your energy when you land from big jumps, so that the ATV does not get stuck between obstacles, causing you to lose time bonus.

Although the vehicle in ATV Destroyer seems to be immune to all damage, this is not so. If you are unfortunate enough to land upside-down, your ATV explodes, and you have to restart the level. This is where the weight-shifting becomes important, especially if you ramp the ATV, and experience a long descent to a lower level.

While the game is free, there are legitimate 'cheats' available. By purchasing official game coins, using your credit card, you can unlock all the tracks and upgraded ATV's immediately, which is great for gamers with little time and patience to complete the levels in the usual manner. Buying these unlocks does not offer you extra content, it just speeds up the progression through the game.

ATV Destroyer offers fun, addictive game play, with an easy learning curve, while still offering a challenge time after time.

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