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ATV Blitz Game Overview

The creators of ATV Blitz has managed to concoct an ATV flash game among many, many other flash ATV games out there. The racing and by extension, ATV game genre is popular because many people simply enjoy playing these racing games because it can deliver a rush in an otherwise boring day. The market is full of these games and many offer the same or similar experience. The is one difference with ATV Blitz and that is  they have made an exceedingly good ATV flash game. This is one of the more polished flash games racing or otherwise, available online.

ATV Blitz offers the user to ride their ATV up and over hills and valleys, all the while collecting points not only from specially placed icons on the track but by performing stunts.On beginning the game , you are shown the title screen, no fancy presentation. A map is shown of your progress.It also boasts customisation options.You can choose your vehicle and the drivers outfit colour. You can upgrade your vehicle with money won to make it perform even better! It seems very comprehensive . The graphics of this game are great. Everything about this game's imagery, from the menu screen to the stages, offer the user lush, and incredibly detailed backdrops. The sound and music are also excellent.It all feels very clean, crisp and focused.

In terms of gameplay, the game feels rock solid in it's controls and physics. The level of control this game possesses is impressive. This feels like a serious game and not something arbitrarily whipped up. There are the usual directional controls  using the cursor keys and a nitrous key (which is the space bar) to go faster before jumps. There's more too! The number pad can be used for stunts. That means  numbers 1 to 5 are used for different stunts. Very cool.  A lot of ATV games have incorporated stunts  before, but most are not as rewarding as this one. The physics are flawless. It is totally understandable when you crash and the learning curve doesn't feel as steep as many others.

Another impressive aspect in the game is the period between crashes. It never wastes time telling you that your game is over , or offers you consoling words or ask you to try again. Nope. Before you can tend to your wounds you are placed straight back to the last checkpoint to continue gaining your points and learning from your mistakes. The checkpoints are close together too so the player wouldn't be catapulted back by a considerable distance. Playing the game is non stop and time passes quickly without the distraction of a 'try again' banner.You can also save your game and enter cheat codes. It offers a lot for a flash game.

This game has very few if any, negatives. It gives a wonderful user experience and feels like a good arcade game. This is  a game full of thought and consideration. Armed with the knowledge that many of the players of flash games want something that is easy to play, fun, engaging, and filled with enough challenge to make the player recognise that he/she is really improving in the game. ATV Blitz recommended for anyone who enjoys racing games for kids and insane stunts.

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