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Climb Any Mountain in Backhoe Trial 2

Climb Any Mountain in Backhoe Trial 2

Backhoe Trial 2 is a two-dimensional game in which players attempt to guide a backhoe as far as they possibly can up a mountain. In this effort, players may control the forward and reverse gears of the backhoe, as well as the backhoe's claw. Learning to guide the backhoe while paying attention to the role of the claw is the key to mastering this game.
The angle of the claw can be used to prop the backhoe up, thereby making it possible for the backhoe to continue up the mountain. A combination of timing and geometrical interpretation will allow a player to successfully charge his/her backhoe onward and upward.

This game is offers several great features for a game of its stature. The graphics included in the game flow seamlessly, and there are not jitters or pauses during game-play. In addition, the backhoe is perfectly responsive to instructions delivered through the player's keyboard. Likewise, the sound options for this game are more than adequate to the task. Players are able to enjoy sound effects and music during game-play, and are also presented with a mute option.

Also of great value, Backhoe Trial 2 includes a high-score table. This high-score table allows players to track their progress in current games, and also allows players to measure their progress in current games against progress in previous games. Measuring current success against past success creates a sense of accomplishment during ongoing play, and gives this game a very high replay value.

The true fun of this game is measuring your skills against other players. Not only does the high-score table allow you to track your own progress, it also allows you to play against the previous efforts of other players. Backhoe Trial 2 is certainly worth a look, and in all likelihood will have you hooked for quite a while. 

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