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The Go Karts Flash Game Review

Do you like kart racing or karting games? Would you like to at least feel what it's like being in an actual karting race? Then you might be interested in playing this online flash game called the Go Karts game as we try to know everything about it through this article and make a review about it.

Overview Of The Game

The Go Karts game one of the popular racing games that you can play on the Internet for free. The objective of the game is to complete every race track by properly handling you kart on the way to the finish line. Pick up as many bonuses along the track to increase your points and finish the race in no time to add up the remaining time to you score.

The Review Of The Game

Let's try to examine some features of the game and give an analysis on each of the following features:

1. Game controls - The game can be played with the use of the arrow keys on your keyboard. This goes well because it follows the standard controls being used in most racing games. However, the go karts game allows you to drift your kart by pressing the 'x' key and it's quite cool to have this because it imitates the real actions being done during real go kart racing events.

2. Difficulty - The game requires you to have a great hand-eye coordination as well as excellent car control (especially when maneuvering into those sharp curves). Most teens and not-so young kids will definitely enjoy the thrill of the chase whenever they are going to play this game.

3. Graphic - the design of the game is excellent and is highly comparable to other race gaming software being sold in the market today. There's no doubt that you will surely have a great time playing the go karts game.


The overall rating for the Go Karts game is 9 out of 10. So if you feel the need for speed then hop on to your seats and search the net for any flash gaming websites that will let you play the go karts game (or just play it on our website). Enjoy playing!

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