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LAX Shuttle Bus Review

LAX Shuttle Bus puts you in the driver's seat to strive to become LAX airport's best shuttle bus driver. The game description suggests you'll be able to park anything anywhere if you can beat this game. So bring on the angry cab drivers and frantic passengers! When you start up the game, you're able to select a level from 1 to 9. If you're playing for the first time, all levels other than 1 will be locked. You'll have to work your way up through the levels, unlocking them as you go. Each level has a 3-star rating. Select the level you want by clicking on it.

On Day 1, your assignment is to transport passengers from the AS1 Terminal to Flight AS1. On the screen, you have a bird's eye view of the other shuttle buses driving across the exit, parked cars, and a few pedestrians the size of ants. It's a bit like looking down from a really tall mountain. Sound effects include funky music and the sound of the occasional aeroplane flying by. A map can be brought up by clicking the Show Map button in the top left-hand corner. Your bus is Shuttle No. 17. Your arrow keys direct the bus wherever you want it to go, and the spacebar is your brake. Click one of the arrow keys to get started, and you're on your way. It all looks pretty simple, but it's easier said than done. The arrow keys don't always work the way you expect them to. You'll need to use a combination of keys to make turns, and going straight along a road is often slow.

For level 1, you'll need to get the hang of the key sequence to move around the bends, getting to the terminal, then to the aeroplane, and finally parking the bus. You'll be rewarded with points for your trouble after you complete all tasks and get an opportunity to select the next level or play the same level again. If you're still not comfortable with the controls by the time you finish level 1, it's best if you keep replaying the level until it becomes second nature to you. The higher levels are obviously more difficult with more obstacles and tighter turns, so struggling with the controls should be the least of your worries.

The graphics are simple but not clunky. Even a slow connection shouldn't have too much difficulty with loading the game, but it might make handling the bus a little more challenging as you try to figure out which sequence of keys does what. If the music starts to annoy you after a while, it's easy to switch it off with the little orange icon in the top right corner of the screen. The game is cool if you like bus driving games that are essentially focused on avoiding obstacles, making sharp turns, and getting to destinations in record time. Gameplay is simple if a little frustrating when the arrow keys don't seem to work, but it gets better as you get used to it.

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