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Long Bus Driver Game Review

Long Bus Driver is a popular online flash game developed by the nonamelab. The game puts the player in control of a long two coach bus. The player has to skilfully maneuver the bus and park it in the appropriate place. The parking zone is highlighted with yellow color and the vehicle must endure the least possible damage while reaching its destination. The bus is divided into two connected parts and hence controlling it without hitting the boundaries is a challenge.

The toughness increases as one progresses through the levels. New cars appear on the road in higher levels, the moving cars with varying speeds pose a challenge as the player has to avoid accident. The damage bar is given at the bottom right corner of the game screen. The meter fills up with red color as the bus hits any obstacle. Time taken, damage, Level score and total score of the game is shown after completion of each and every level. The Long Bus Driver game has a total of 17 levels which are placed at various locations. The screen has mute, menu, pause and restart buttons for easy interface control.

The game developers have put in good details for make it a realistic experience. The sound of engine and surrounding has been provided in the game. The yellow marker also has a specific orientation and the bus needs to be placed accordingly for successful level completion. The game starts to get tough after level 10. The game runs in browser and latest Adobe Flash Player must be install for a smooth gaming experience. Long Bus Driver is an addictive flash game that is very good for time pass. It can also be played among friends as people can set high score and challenge their pals to beat it. After playing bus driving game players will understand that it's not so easy being a bus driver.

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