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Rally Point: Amazing Racing Game

The Rally Point is the best racing game featured in car racing games for kids category with amazing graphics and excitement, playing the Rally Point gives the feel of playing a high graphics PC game. The lovers of rally sports will love this game and enjoy it because the game play is designed in such a way that it gives maximum thrill and excitement that comes in a rally sport car racing in real time. The Design of the game is also very well designed to provide a wonderful gaming experience to all the rally sport lovers who love to be a racing driver and play game that thrill and blow their minds off.

How to Play

The Controls to play the game are very easy a give maximum control over the game and boosts your experience playing the game. By using the arrow keys you can steer your vehicle in the direction you intend to and shift key if used to drift through the turning and take a neat turn without hitting anything. The Z key works like a nitro to give you the extra push to achieve your target time but should be careful while using the nitro which will overheat your engine and knock you out if overheated.

Game Play

The concept of the game if pretty straight, all you have to do is rally through the red sky tubes and reach the finish line eating the target time given to you and unlock new tracks and vehicles as you progress further in the game. The home screen of the page has the banner as Rally Point and buttons to start the game turn the sound off, The Baller Arcade and Drive Arcade mode will be unlocked later as you progress. The XForm is also unlocked later in the game, Help button to guide you and detail you about the controls and few tips to keep in mind while playing Rally Point. By clicking the Start game button you will be directed to page on selecting the where there are five tracks in which only two are unlocked and on successful completion of one track the next track is unlocked. On Selecting the tracks there are three levels to play in each track in which the first two are unlocked and the third on is unlocked on completion of any one of the first two levels, this is the same with all the tracks. On selecting the levels the fun begins the countdown start and the race begins on zero by using the arrow keys you can steer your vehicles and to bring more fun to the game the drift is added to the game and can be performed by using the shift key which will help you in performing perfect turns and the z is the nitro button to give you the boost but by long holding of the nitro button the engine gets overheated so keep a close watch on the overheat radar at the left bottom while using the nitro button. The Rally Point gives you an amazing racing experience and fun which every racing lover deserves.

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