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School Bus Driver Game Review

School Bus Driver is one of the best rated online driving games. It is categorized under school bus games. In this highly thrilling game, the driver is expected to deliver all pupils to school. It is a time limited game. The driver must make sure that he delivers the pupils on time to earn any high scores. So the player’s task in this game is to simply drive the bus. The driver must do well and make sure not to crash on anything. Ability to make this will make him a full brown and excellent bus driver.

It is not a simple task and the driver must drive like a well competent and highly qualified driver. The school bus driver is set in summer time when the school is out for the summer.The driver must cross the kids safely on the busy street. The driver is responsible for picking up enough 100 kids.

When driving the bus, the driver controls it using the arrow keys just like the other driving games.  There are the left and right arrows that control the bus to the left and right respectively. The up and down arrows are speed control arrows. The space bar is used as an emergency hand brake. The blank space picks up the kids to get on the car. The driver must use his speed boosts and explosive farts to gain momentum.

The game on based on levels and the driver should finish one level successfully before moving on to the next. How well he overcomes the obstacles determines how swiftly he moves onto the next level. The driver has a lot of kids so crashing them is not an option. The key term in this game is safety of all the kids. When the driver accomplishes this, he then goes on to park it safely before time is up. Great care must be taken while parking the bus also not to compromise the safety of the children. How fast the driver is able to drive the pupils to the finishing line and the time taken determines the score of this game.  If a driver succeeds on one level, he moves on to the next level which poses a new challenge and is a bit harder.

School bus driver is a free online game. Otherwise, the kid may opt to down load his own copy. The game has been found to have very exciting events for kids. It is highly rated due to its high quality graphics. Although the game is a bit new in the on line games, it has increased its popularity considerably among kids. The game also has wonderful colorations and fantastic sound tracks that make playing the game a great fun.

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