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School Bus License Flash Game


School bus license flash game is fun and addictive flash game filed under bus driving games that will have one trying over and over again to beat the insane low times posted on the score boards.  School bus license will start off as a fun arcade game, but quickly turns to make one regret being a child and tormenting the bus driver. In order to "obtain one's school bus license" one must start out by simply driving to point A to B, but within a few levels the pressure is on in order to make bus stops and avoid children.

School bus license is a game where one must race against the clock in order to obtain one's virtual game bus license.  One score is based on the total time spent on achieving each level, this could range anywhere to a couple of seconds in the first level to minutes on the more tougher levels. This game requires a lot of dexterity and the patience of well a school bus driver. The bus that is driven in this game handles like one would imagine a school bus to. The school bus makes wide turns and is very difficult to control at high speeds.  With patience and practice one may be able to achieve the status of flash bus driver.

In the beginning of this game it makes one wonder why their bus driver was so lousy while a kid can do fairly well in this game, but as the game progresses these same kids will be grateful that the there are licensed bus drivers instead of kids and flash game junkies. There are parts in this game that would make one scream at the monitor as one hits cones and drives into the yellow lines that yield a permanent failure for the level.  With the tension that this game gives to players one will soon regret throwing paper airplanes on the bus to distract the bus driver.

The game's first level requires one to simply drive the bus forward and stop in the designated are within a quarter minute. As the game progresses there are new challenges that must be faced in order to obtain one's school bus license.  As the levels get more challenging with kids running around and frequent stops at the bus stops, you are rewarded with just enough time to complete the level with little to no errors. The games harder levels require one to maneuver the school bus at moderately fast speeds while trying to make sharp turns in a vehicle that handles like a large boat, making these levels hard, but very self rewarding when one completes them.

The school bus license flash game is a game which makes one believe that they are the ultimate bus driver, with the challenges that real bus drivers hope never happen in real life.  While one goes through the process of getting one's school bus license there will laughs, cries, and in the end tears of joy. This game is for any person wishes to prove one's worth as a school bus driver.

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