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Snow Blitz Game

We all know that winter is the time of serenity and great, white peace since everything becomes so quite while it rests under the bright cover of many snowflakes holding hands. However, for some guys, like the neighborhood kids, winter is the time of warfare. As long as there are snowballs, there is ammo, and whenever you have something to throw, you will have someone to throw it at. Snow Blitz is a game all about childhood warfare, involving you to be a successful snowball battle winner, if you have it inside of you. Snow Blitz start by you exiting you safe zone, your house. Then, you have to use the terrain into your advantage and hide behind large piles of snow which will provide you refuge in the icy hell of Snow Blitz. This is where this great game start, as well as your excellent and unforgettable Snow Blitz adventure!

As soon as you start playing Snow Blitz, you will notice the well built characteristics of this game. Namely, the controls are excellently divided all over the keyboard, making it easy for you to develop your Snow Blitz war tactics. Moreover, the graphics are absolutely cool, making it interesting for you to watch the faces of your opponents get all snowy once your deadly projectiles hit them in the face. However, remember that, once you become more skillful in Snow Blitz, the neighborhood kids will become united against you. Snow Blitz, therefore, is a game which is constantly getting harder and more demanding. However, if you are a good Snow Blitz player, you will have no difficulties.

There are different Snow Blitz types of nemesis. There are those who will cry for mommy as soon as they got hit. On the other hand, there are those Snow Blitz kids which will need more than a single snowball to knock them off their feet. Amazingly, some will need two, three or more in order to get out of your way in the Snow Blitz. Sounds interesting? Try Snow Blitz now!

Finally, the sound effects of whimpy kids crying for help never get old and these will only make you press Snow Blitz commands harder so that you could inflict more snowball pain during your Snow Blitz battles. The fun is truly endless and you have many other things to discover once you start playing Snow Blitz, so do it now!

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